and I'm a

  • Developer

  • Tinkerer

  • Skier

Where I stand out


Whether its a NIX or a Windows Server environment. Apache or Nginx, Single server or a series of load balanced web servers with seperate database and in memory cache servers. I have the experience, knowledge and background to make the most of what you can have.


PHP and Laravel are my weapon of choice when it comes to backend development, whether building a small community portal or building a fully functional API. Laravel provides for a rapid build with a stable and secure backing, building systems that can take the test of time.


HTML to build the content and structure, CSS (SASS & LESS) to style it. JQuery to make things look snazzy and AngularJS to do the dark magic. Joomla and Wordpress when a site needs to be done in a hurry. I have it covered!

Planning & Execution

Large or Small company, on a team or working on my own, I know how to take a project from it's inception and design through to the final stages and do it within time, managing expectations throughout the process.

Hello, I'm Adam Clark...

I'm a full stack developer living in London. I have been working for .com's all my life, from startup to 400m+ companies.

Web developement is fantastic, everyday is different and you get to build beautiful and functional systems that improve processes, making life easier for the end user.

Whether you are looking to build the next big thing or just need a helping hand, I'm your guy.

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